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SMD-90 Middle Speed Paper Cup Machine
SMD-90 smart middle speed paper cup forming machine is provided with advantages of high performance, high efficiency and high quality; the overall steel plate machine body and oil-spraying lubrication system ensures normal and stable long-term operation of the equipment; advanced high-precision cylindrical cam driving unit working with gear drive systeam make sure the precisely working of every station; bottom paper feeding controlled by servo tracking systeam,and effectively saves the raw materials; Paper bottom heating system (Leister, Switzerland) use...

SMD-80B Middle Speed Paper Bowl Machine
SMD-80B automatic middle speed paper bowl machine use a double cam mechanism, a longitudinal axis structure, and a gear transmission to properly distribute the various functional assemblies. The whole machine use oil-spraying lubrication system ,the electric adopts PLC control, the servo tracking bottom paper locks the size of the cup bottom paper, effectively saves the raw materials, and the whole process photoelectric tracking monitoring.

STD-80 Middle Speed Straight Cup Machine
STD-80 automatic middle speed straight cup machine is the latest research and development of paper container production equipment of our company, and has applied for national utility model patent, patent certificate number CN201721772837.3. The straight tube produced by the device can replace the traditional spiral paper tube, which greatly saves the investment and production cost. The finished product is suitable for high-grade car tray, noodle box, tea box, MSG box and so on.

SMD-80A Middle Speed Double Wall Paper Cup Machine
SMD-80A automatic middle speed double wall paper cup machine is designed for the subsequent processing of paper cups. Its function is to perfectly integrate another printed paper piece with the paper cup. The outer sheet of paper can provide insulation and increase the strength and aesthetics of the cup body, ranging from 6 - 22oz .

SMD-80D Middle Speed Packing Box Machine
SMD-80D middle speed packing box machine, the common size of the finished product has 16,26,32oz take-away packaging box, easy to carry. There are also common oblique mouth fries boxes and so on.

PLM-60 Middle Speed Paper Lid Machine
The PLM-60 Middle speed paper lid machine was developed on the basis of our company\\\'s medium speed machine,with reference to the function of the paper cup forming machine and the characteristics of the paper lid production. Its characteristics are intelligent equipment and high production efficiency.It is the best equipment for producing paper container lids,instant noodle bowl lids,coffee cup lids and other paper container lids.

PLM-80 Stackable Paper Lid Machine
Combined high speed paper cup machine structure and unique paper lid machine technology,intelligent control. Beverage hole can be punched simultaneously during forming process.

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