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After 20 years of development, Chengda Machinery has become a strong brand in the paper container molding machine industry, and has established a leading position in the field of its focus.

Advantage 1: International front-end technology research and development center, covering the structure of molding machine, automation control, intelligent production and other disciplines, a number of independent elite design teams, ready to turn the needs into reality for customers.

Advantage 2: The accumulation of a number of patents and know-how, creating the direction of technological development in the industry.

Advantage 3: Our range of molding machines completely covers the forming, inspection and packaging of paper containers to fully meet the needs of customers for innovative packaging forms.

Advantage 4: Perfect internal manufacturing system, combining advanced high-precision compound machine tools to ensure the production quality of mechanical parts. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of parts, it has high production flexibility and can meet the urgent delivery needs of customers.

Advantage 5: Many well-known enterprises use our molding machine to produce: Pepsi, Wahaha, etc., which proves the excellent performance and reliability of Chengda mechanical products.

Pre-sale services:

Communicate with the guests in all aspects to fully grasp the actual needs of the guests and the use of paper, and provide targeted technical design services such as targeted design and product selection based on the collected customer information.

In-sale services:

Invite guests to send our masters to our company to participate in the commissioning of the molding machine purchased, familiar with the basic maintenance procedures of the molding machine and the basic working procedures of replacing the spare parts. Provide detailed operation and maintenance manuals for customers to purchase equipment to assist customers in completing the acceptance test before the machine leaves the factory.

After-sales services:

After the customer purchases the molding machine to the production site, please complete the on-site gas circuit and circuit connection work. After receiving the notice that the customer needs assistance to debug, our company will send the after-sales technicians (24 hours in Zhejiang Province, 48 hours in other provinces). Go to the scene to solve the problem for the users.

We Chengda firmly believe that service is a continuation of corporate quality. Based on the service tenet of "Quality First, Customer First", the company is dedicated to providing users with cost-effective products and first-class continuous services.

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